Thursday, June 13, 2013

on a lighter note ...

Willbanks_FullStephanie Willbanks at Vermont Law School has written an article worthy of your summer reading time:  "What's in a Name? Would a Rose by Any Other Name Really Smell as Sweet?" 

Here's her abstract for the article:

"What do William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, and Robert Frost have in common? All are common sources for law review article titles. This compendium of titles will not necessarily help you decide on the title for your next article, but it will at least provide amusement and help you delay until another day that which you ought to be doing today. As one would expect, the works of William Shakespeare provide a myriad of titles and phrases well suited to law review article titles. So do the works of Charles Dickens. Somewhat surprisingly Hamlet is more popular than Macbeth and A Tale of Two Cities more popular than Bleak House. There are far fewer references to James Bond and Dr. Seuss than you might imagine."


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