Friday, June 1, 2012

LWI conference activities

The LWI Conference in Palm Desert continued Friday with more activities. 2012-06-01 10.12.42At left, Suzanne Rabe and Susie Salmon discuss whether grammar should be taught in legal writing courses. They reported a thirty-year trend in grade and high schools to avoid teaching grammar on the theory that doing so stifles creativity. But they and many in the audience thought that grammar needs to be covered, if only through outside sources.

At right, Paula Manning and Corie Rosen discuss ways to provide feedback that promotes optimism and2012-06-01 13.49.52 a growth mindset in students. One tool they showed the audience is a scratch-off form that encourages productive student discussions. 

Below, conference participants enjoy making connections at lunch.


                                                  2012-06-01 12.16.27  


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Thursday, May 31, 2012

LWI Conference--beautiful location and lots of informative presentations

2012-05-31 14.35.592012-05-31 15.32.44The LWI conference location in Palm Desert is beautiful, and I've already gotten lots of great ideas. At right is Ken Chestek, who argued that good legal analysis is only half of what it takes to be a good lawyer. Pathos--engaging the audience's emotions--is the other half, he said. He presented ways to cover pathos in our courses.


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LWI Conference

More than 500 attendees are enjoying the biennial conference of the Legal Writing Institute.  We hope to bring you some photos and news of the conference . . . but we've been too busy here so far to post anything!  It's been another great LWI event.

If you're attending the conference and have pictures or news to share, we welcome your contributions too.


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do you know Zotero?

Vic-logo_landscape_web-sr_rgb_v3John Prebble and Julia Caldwell, both at Victoria University of Wellington, have written an article on "Zotero - A Manual for Electronic Legal Referencing". If you're like me, you might not have heard of Zotero yet. Here's how they explain it in their abstract:

"This manual explains how to operate Zotero.

"Zotero is a free, open-source referencing tool that operates by “enter once, use many." It captures references by one-click acquisition from databases of legal materials that cooperate with it. Users enter other references manually, with similar effort to typing a footnote.

"Zotero’s chief strength is multi-style flexibility. Authors build libraries of references that are pasted into scholarly work with one click; authors can choose between legal referencing styles, with Zotero automatically formatting references according to the chosen style. Ability to format seamlessly across a potentially unlimited number of styles distinguishes Zotero from competing referencing tools. Zotero afficionados regularly add more styles.

"The present manual is thought to be the only full manual for non-technical users of Zotero. It employs the New Zealand referencing style for examples, but its principles are the same for all styles."


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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scribes Luncheon in Chicago on August 3

Scribes_logo Scribes -- The American Society of Legal Writers -- will hold its annual luncheon and awards ceremony in Chicago on Friday, August 3, 2012.  The event will be held at the Union League Club at the start of the annual meeting of the American Bar Association.  Awards to be presented include the lifetime achievement award, the Scribes book award, and others.  


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