Sunday, December 2, 2012

LWI one-Day workshops at George Washington and Washburn

LWI one-day workshops on November 30 included one at George Washington University Law School. Participant Elizabeth Beske wrote, "Congratulations to Christy DeSanctis, Karen Thornton, Iselin Gambert, and others at George Washington University Law School for a terrific one-day conference on Friday!  I left the conference with tons of new ideas and insights and a huge appreciation for the people in our great field."

Of Washburn's workshop, Karin Mika wrote, "Congratulations to Tonya Kowalski and the other members of the Washburn community for hosting a terrific workshop . . . . The panels provided incredible insight into dealing with matters regarding how best to educate our struggling students as well as a real life view  from students as to what it's like to be a disabled law student. We also discussed diversity in the classroom -- traditional notions of diversity, as well as other students who might feel marginalized, whether we're aware of those students or not."

hat tips: Elizabeth Beske and Karin Mika


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