Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Contemporary Take on Strunk and White for Legal Writers

Professor Judith D. Fischer recently uploaded a new article evaluating the usefulness of a classic grammar authority.  From the abstract:

The Elements of Style, often called “Strunk and White,” has evoked both strong praise and vehement criticism. In the legal field, scholars often cite the book as an authority on grammar and style, as do judges, who sometimes order lawyers to read it. But detractors have criticized The Elements of Style as filled with “inconsistent nonsense” and even “hogwash.” This article examines the book and the critiques of it to consider whether legal writers should continue to revere it. The article points out the book’s flaws and concludes that it is time to demote Strunk and White to the bottom bookshelf and fill its former space with more current and effective resources.

The article is a good read and will appear in an upcoming edition of Scribes.


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Thanks for the plug. To be clear, however, Scribes is an organization, not a publication. The organization publishes the Scribes Journal of Legal Writing. That is the pubication in which Prof. Fischer's article will appear.

Posted by: otto | Nov 3, 2012 7:10:18 AM

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