Sunday, October 7, 2012

To Tweet or Not to Tweet, ...

Kristen Murray at Temple University sends this post as a guest blogger (and we're hoping she'll become a regular here):

ImagesProfessor David Becker of Washington University has a piece posted on SSRN entitled To Tweet or Not to Tweet, That is the Question. Here is the abstract: 

"Twitter and tweets are now the rage among people in the world of sports, entertainment, media, government, and lately academia as well. They have even entered the world of law schools and law professors. This essay examines how twitter and tweets are being used by law teachers and whether it is wise to tweet at all. More specifically, this essay critically examines the risks and dangers inherent in twitter use and, further, whether it is the most effective, efficient, and desirable form of pedagogic communication between law teachers and their students."

Professor Becker concludes that the answer is “not to tweet,” at least for individual law professors; he is less concerned about institutional twitter accounts.

We started a twitter account for the Temple LRW Program (@TempleLRW) this year, as a way of interacting with current students, alumni, and the larger legal writing community. I can see (and have seen!) successful use of twitter by individual law professors as well. What about you? Do you tweet? Should we tweet?


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To tweet.

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