Sunday, September 16, 2012

peer review in upper level legal writing courses

SheilaroIf you're teaching an advanced legal writing course, you might find a new article by Sheila Rodriquez particularly interesting.

In "Letting Students Teach Each Other: Using Peer Conferences in Upper-Level Legal Writing", 13 Florida Coastal Law Review 101 (2012), Sheila explains "how incorporating structured one-on- one student conferences in an upper-level legal writing course helps novice writers develop expertise. This Article also explains how peer conferences help students to develop critical skills that they will need as practicing lawyers. Although the peer conferences described in this Article are discussed in the context of legal writing, peer conferences may be used in any upper-level course, including both practice-oriented courses and doctrinal courses. This Article responds to the recent impetus to reexamine the nature and purpose of legal education by providing students with more skills training."


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