Sunday, July 8, 2012

moving up!

The happy news of promotions for legal writing professors came in droves this spring:

At South Texas, Amanda Peters was promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor.

The Pacific McGeorge faculty voted to give Adrienne Brungess and Gretchen Franz five year presumptively renewable contracts and the titles of Professors of Lawyering Skills. Pacific McGeorge also promoted Jeff Proske to Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills.

The Villanova faculty voted to promote Candace Centeno to the rank of Professor of Legal Writing, a position which comes with a presumptively renewable, five-year term.

The Albany faculty unanimously voted to promote Jerry Rock to Associate Lawyering Professor, also with a presumptively renewable five-year contract.
At Suffolk, the faculty voted to grant five-year contracts to the following members of the legal writing faculty: Julie Baker, Geraldine Griffin, Lisa Healy, Phil Kaplan, Rosa Kim, and Ann Santos.

David Raeker-Jordan and Amanda Smith were both recently promoted to Associate Professors of Legal Methods and received five-year, presumptively renewable contracts at Widener.

Jane Gionfriddo of Boston College has been promoted to Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research & Writing. Jane was the director at Boston College for many years, successfully transitioning the program to an autonomous model a few years ago.

Recently, the faculty committee on promotions and tenure at Emory voted to extend Karen Cooper a five year contract. Her Dean, Robert Schapiro, agreed with the committee and announced the decision at a faculty meeting, where it was met with great applause.

Kelly Feeley at Stetson has been awarded programmatic tenure and promoted to Professor of Legal Skills.

And from U. Dayton comes the news that Julie Zink has been promoted to Professor of Lawyering Skills, and Adam Todd has been promoted to Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills.

After two years as an Adjunct Professor and a Visiting Professor at Seattle, Denis Stearns has accepted their offer to join the faculty as a Professor from Practice.

Dena Sonbol and Herb Brown have been visiting professors of legal analysis and writing at Southern for the past two years. Now the university president has approved hiring Dena and Herb as regular, full-time Assistant Professors of Legal Analysis and Writing. 

And, the University of San Francisco has appointed one of their own, Eugene Kim, to a full-time position as an Assistant Professor of Legal Writing.

Kudos one and all!


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