Friday, July 6, 2012

Institute, post #3

For the first series of concurrent sessions, I attended a presentation by Professors Jamie Kleppetsch and Mary Nagel of The John Marshall Law School and Hillary Burgess of Charlotte School of Law.

Professors Kleppetsch and Nagel discussed how to enhance students' learning in Civil Procedure by assigning a fact pattern that students work through during the semester, prosecuting or defending a civil lawsuit and filing pleading and motions, arguing before a "court," and  conferencing with opposing counsel--to get a feel for how civil procedure works in real litigation life.

Professor Burgess discussed her application of Bloom's Taxonomy to legal learning, focusing on the conflict between the levels we teach at (1-2-3) and the levels we typically test at (4-5-6).  She then offered examples of guided exercises to help students to move up the learning ladder.


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