Tuesday, July 10, 2012

collective writing comes full circle

In a recent article on a narrow slice of IP law history, I found myself seventy-one footnotes in explaining that writing today is reverting back to being a collective process, reminiscent of Medieval or Renaissance practices. Proving my point is a new book, Inside Straight: Advice about Lawyering, In-House and Out, by Attorney Mark Herrmann. 1620507_big To create this book, Mark compiled blog posts from his regular column, Inside Straight, which appears on the Above the Law blog. After most of the reprinted posts, the book includes some of the comments that follow the posts on the blog. This approach captures the feel of the on-line conversation, in a static, printed book. It's not exactly a Renaissance copy book, but there's no solitary Romantic writer starving in a garret either. (As for the content of Mark's book, it tempts me to write Inside Legal Academia.)  



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