Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A new issue of Perspectives

The Winter/Spring 2012 issue of Perspectives is now available!

Perspectives always contains lots of helpful articles for teachers of legal research and writing. In this Sweenyissue, Emotional Editing by JoAnne Sweeny (pictured at left) presents a methodSchunk of engaging students in the editing process by connecting with their emotions. Be the Ball ... Caddyshack's Ultimate Legal Writing Tip describes how John Schunk (pictured at right) uses a line from Caddyshack to help students see the importance of empathizing with their readers.

The table of contents lists other intriguing articles:

It's Not Purely Academic: Using Practitioners to Increase the Rigor and Practical Learning in Scholarly Writing, by Karen D. Thornton

Making Lawyers Out of Law Students: Shifting the Locus of Authority, by Timothy Casey and Kathryn Fehrman

Run to Write: How Exercise Will Make You a Better Writer, by Ben Opipari

Emotional Editing, by JoAnne Sweeny

Be the Ball ... Caddyshack's Ultimate Legal Writing Tip, by John Schunk

Opening Class with Panache, Professionalism Pointers, and a Pinch of Humor, by Almas Khan

Teaching Ourselves and Our Students to Embrace Challenge: A Review of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Tracy Turner

Mentoring Matters: Teaching Law Students the Value of the Mentoring Relationship, by Cheryl E. Zuckerman

How Do You Update the CFR Using FDsys?, by Patrick J. Charles

Legal Writing Missteps: Ethics and Professionalism in the First Year Legal Research and Writing Classroom, by Kristen E. Murray

Teaching Law Students Practical Advocacy, by Stephen V. Armstrong and Timothy P. Terrell

Incorporating Environmental Law into First-Year Research and Writing, by Royal C. Gardner


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