Monday, March 26, 2012

report from Rocky Mountain

DSCF0524The first concurrent presentations included Brian Glassman's talk, "From Art School to Law School:  Lessons for Visual Learners."  He started us off with a visual exercise--to imagine and sketch the objects underneath a draped cloth.  He then walked us through eight different topics and showed how he used paintings to teach each lesson.  For example, he used several Degas paintings to discuss perspective; he used Calder wire scuplture to illustrate the reduction of an idea to its essential principles.  Mary Beth Beazley commented on his use of a Seurat painting to tell how she used pointillism to teach her students about creating an argument:  while the eye might combine a blue dot next to a red dot to create purple, a writer could not assume that a reader would combine a fact next to some law to create an argument.

Glassman's talk was a strong start to an excellent conference and illustrated nicely both how to reach visual learners AND how to incorporate one's interests into one's teaching to make it especially effective.


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