Monday, March 26, 2012

report from Rocky Mountain #3

In the third session, Ralph Brill and Karin Mika presented on "Using Visuals to Enhance the Classroom Learning Experience."  Professor Mika showed how she used youTube clips as the basis for her fact pattern instead of a written narrative (which is all too easy for students to simply copy into their own drafts), including a ski lift accident as the basis for a personal injury claim and a Chuck Testa video as the basis for a fair use analysis.  Professor Brill showed how he used youTube clips to illustrate various torts and a variety of pictures to show how a writer can paint the facts using careful word choice in a question presented (e.g., pics of "peace officers" v. pics of "state police").  Mary Beth Beazley commented that she tells her students that while they cannot PhotoShop their facts, they can use a zoom lens.


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