Sunday, February 19, 2012

legal writing promotions at Detroit-Mercy!

Deborah  Paruch_17f0b3ec053c1d8d1fe37a3c0fcd29cf Christina Lockwood_8ff3ebd57513057a3ca805381e21d963Congratulations are in order for Deborah Paruch and Cristina Lockwood, both legal writing professors at Detroit Mercy. Their faculty has voted to recommend tenure for Deb and a promotion for Cristina to Associate Professor of Law, along with her successfully passing her mid-term review. 

This is an especially happy occasion for the legal writing professors at UDM, because Deb and Cristina began their careers there as contract faculty teaching legal writing. As the terms of employment for legal writing faculty improved, they moved to fully vested 405(c) status and then to the tenure track. Kudos all around!

hat tip: Pam Lysaght


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