Sunday, January 15, 2012

LRW director opening at U. Penn.

LawSchoolFacadeThe University of Pennsylvania Law School seeks to appoint a full-time Senior Fellow and Associate Dean to its faculty to develop, administer, and teach in a newly expanded skills program in legal writing, drafting, and communication. The Senior Fellow will develop the new curriculum in three broad areas. 

First, the Senior Fellow will design and implement a new first-year legal research and writing program and a new LLM research and writing program that recognize the diverse communications skills needed for today's lawyers; the Senior Fellow will recommend the appropriate staffing and will have the assistance of the School's research librarians. 

Second, the Senior Fellow will also design and implement with appropriate staff an upper level writing curriculum that builds on the required first year program but also recognizes the varied types of writing and communications skills used by lawyers in diverse practice settings.

Finally, the Senior Fellow will to the extent possible identify and implement ways to enhance the communications learning opportunities broadly. After gaining an in-depth understanding of the full Penn Law curriculum, the Senior Fellow will integrate and coordinate the program with analytical and doctrinal courses, clinical and practice courses, externships, pro bono learning, and the Penn Law Center on Professionalism programming. 

Penn Law seeks candidates with strong practice experience, distinguished academic and professional achievement, dynamic teaching and supervisory skills, a track record of excellent team skills, and a collaborative approach. Candidates must have a minimum of five years of relevant practice experience; prior teaching and/or substantial experience mentoring new attorneys is desirable but not required. Candidates must hold a J.D. degree and be a member of a state bar.

Please submit all letters of interest with supporting CV/resume and other documents via e-mail to:

1. The position advertised may lead only to successive short-term contracts of one to four years.
2. The professor hired will not be permitted to vote in faculty meetings.
3. The school anticipates paying an annual academic year base salary in the range over $120,000.
4.  The number of students enrolled in each semester of the courses taught by the legal research & writing professor will be more than 60.

Penn Law has an incoming class of 250 students, plus 100 LLM students. We expect that the person hired will work with the Director and current faculty to determine overall staffing levels in the first year and LLM programs, as well as to build on upper level offerings.

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