Sunday, November 6, 2011

Legal Research with Lois Law

Loislaw recently sent out an announcement that it will become instead Loislaw Connect.  The announcement says that "exciting changes are coming soon to Loislaw."  Exciting?  Really?  I'm supposed to get excited?  Is that really the word you guys want to use?  Alright then.  Exciting it is!

We'll I'm going to keep an open mind on whether it really is exciting.  Let's hope so.  I have heard rumblings about changes at Loislaw for more than a year, but nothing really specific yet other than there might be additional databases and a mobile application for research. 

Let's hope that Loislaw's exciting changes will be something we can all marvel at next year at the LWI 2012 Conference.  We are blessed (or should that be overwhelmed?) with so many research options today.  When one company DOES come out with something new and exciting, it spurs the other ones into action as well.  We all benefit from that, and hopefully our students (and their future clients) as well. 


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