Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The New York Times and Spell Check

The New York Times maintains a blog dedicated to its own grammar mistakes.  This week's post is about problems with spell check.  Here are a few great examples from The NYT:

“People think when they buy a house they have to gut it and make it what they want,’’ she said, speaking on condition that her name not be used because, she said, she and the neighbors have already sued each other so many times. “The average person makes due with new wallpaper and a new carpet,’’ she added, “but there’s a minority who says, let’s build a cinema.’’

Then there is Mr. Schaeffer’s more biting take, born of hard experience: “North Korea and evangelical empires have the same principal of leadership: nepotism to the nth degree. You may not get the call, but you inherit the mailing list.”

It has a tentative beard, more shadow than shag, like an awkward weigh station on the road from callow to professorial.


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Here's another Spellcheck failure: The September issue of Jurist magazine refers to Law in a Flash as featuring "pneumonic devices" (p.43). "Pneunomic" refers to the lungs (think pneumonia). The word needed was "mnemonic" (an aid to remembering).

Posted by: Norman Otto Stockmeyer | Sep 16, 2011 10:07:48 AM

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