Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Legal Writing -- the journal

Legal_writing_institute_logo The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute (“Legal Writing”) is the peer-edited, scholarly publication of the Legal Writing Institute. The journal is seeking articles from other disciplines that extend the boundaries of legal writing, as well as those that seek to improve pedagogy and scholarship in the field of legal writing through interdisciplinary and empirical research.

These articles can involve a broad range of disciplines, including classical rhetoric, linguistics, composition, psychology, communication and ethics. They can also encompass a broad range of skills, including analysis, research, interpretation, drafting, storytelling, and related skills.

The journal publishes articles, research reports, empirical studies, book reviews, and critical commentary from persons interested in both the theory and the practice of legal writing, or writing issues that have application to the field of legal writing, the design of courses and curricula, and in teaching techniques for the classroom and law office. These articles should address a gap in existing literature and be based on theory and/or original research.

Manuscripts: Legal Writing welcomes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. Send the manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief, Kristin Gerdy, as a Word attachment to Please send a copy of your article with all identifying information removed to facilitate our blind review process. Citations must comply with the ALWD Citation Manual (ISBN 0-7355-3640-6) and the journal will conform your footnotes if you follow a different system of citation.

Submissions for Volume 18 must be received by September 15, 2011.

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