Saturday, August 27, 2011

report from 2011 Western Regional Legal Writing Conference

Friday afternoon started off with a keynote address by Richard Wydick, author of "Plain English for Lawyers."  (But really, do I even need to say that?  I was struck by a bit of hero worship upon meeting him in person!!)  Professor Wydick engaged a crowd of about 50 conference attendees with a lesson on ambiguity and its elimination through careful word choice and sentence contruction (or as he labeled them, semantic and syntactic ambiguity). 

He completely won over the crowd by telling us how lucky we are as LRW profs:  we get to teach 1-L's, who are fun and willing to learn, and we get to teach them two of the most useful lawyering skills, how to research the law and how to write "legal things."

And we get to attend conferences and meet inspiring folks like him.  Lucky indeed!


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