Saturday, August 27, 2011

report #2 from Western Regional Legal Writing Conference

After the keynote address, we heard from the first panel, comprising lawyers from solo firms, public interest law, and the public sector.  Professor Brian Mikulak (USF) moderated, and he led the group through a series of questions about what they see in our law students and what they'd like LRW profs to do to make students more prepared to enter the practice of law.

Here are some take-away points:

1.  Students need to be more willing to use secondary sources like treatises.  Instead, they like to Google (or use WestlawNext) and find "the answer," even though they often don't fully understand it due to lack of context.

2.  They don't know how to write a decent summary of the argument in a brief.

3.  They're not analytical enough . . . they don't think creatively about the law and the facts.

4.  They're often too safe and not passionate enough to be effective advocates.


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