Thursday, May 5, 2011

One-L update calls for more practical experiences in law school

Wing_0854 In an article titled One L Redux, University of Iowa law professor Adrien Wing reports that she found her first year at Stanford Law School in 1979 disconcertingly similar to the Harvard year described in Scott Turow’s book One-L.  For Wing, being both female and black compounded the problems. She bluntly says she hated law school. Moreover, some of her current students find legal education has changed little in the past thirty years.

Wing presents several suggestions for bringing legal education into the twenty-first century. One is to provide more practical experiences by incorporating more skills assignments in the first two years and making the third year a mandatory clinical year.


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I am with you 100%, but how do you convince the hiring chairs to hire people like me, a young 55, retired from practice, researching & writing and published in a top law review, trying to break into the field with all of my practical experience...I was a very good town & country lawyer, but I am a greater teaching Business Law at a local business college until that full time professorship comes along...and in this economy, that is prooving to be more difficult as schools have the pick of the crop to choose from...but I keep at it...and will not give up...still vital and love the law!

Posted by: Anthony Montagna | May 6, 2011 4:53:09 PM

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