Monday, April 4, 2011

lots of promotions!

For a few weeks now, news of all sorts of promotions for legal writing professors has been coming in, just when we blogging legal writing professors have been too busy with grading and student conferences to blog much.  We don't want to overlook an opportunity to let you know who's moving up in legal writing -- and beyond:

At the University of Louisville, Susan Duncan will become the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development on July 1st.  Yes, that's the same Susan Duncan who served as President of the Legal Writing Institute.

At Washburn University, a legal writing professor will also become the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.  Aida Alaka will take over that job this summer, and she will be receiving full tenure.  Also at Washburn, Jalen Lowry will be the new Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

At Suffolk University, Shailini George and Stephanie Hartung have received clinical tenure.  And Kathy Vinson has been granted a sabbatical for the fall semester. 

Meanwhile Arizona State University has moved to a directorless legal writing program.  The professors there will take turns year-by-year serving as the Coordinator of the Legal Writing Curriculum.  Tamara Herrera will be the first to serve in that position, starting on July 1st.  On that same day, Judy Stinson will become the Associate Dean for Professional Development and Legal Practice.

The law faculty at Stetson University has voted to give both Linda Anderson and Jeff Minneti programmatic tenure and to promote them to the rank of Professor of Legal Skills.  The law faculty also voted to promote Jason Palmer to Associate Professor of Legal Skills.

At the University of DaytonVicki VanZandt has been promoted to full Professor of Lawyering Skills, with a presumptively renewable five-year contract.  She has been very active in law school assessment of student learning and has contributed to her school's Bench and Bar Outreach Project.

Nancy Daspit, Jenn Mathews, Jennifer Romig, and Julie Schwartz have all been awarded five-year contracts under Emory's new security of position policy for non-tenure-track personnel.  This is the first year any of the legal writing faculty were eligible for their school's longest-term contract, and they were all four unanimously approved by their faculty's Promotions Committee. 

At Marquette University, Alison Julien was promoted to the rank of Professor of Legal Writing last August, and this August she will be receiving a five-year presumptively renewable contract.

Congratulations, one and all!


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