Friday, January 14, 2011

the legal writing roller coaster

Many law schools in the U.S. start their spring semesters right after the approaching long weekend holiday.  Gearing up this week for another semester of LRW, I was reminded once again of that feeling of approaching a roller coaster ride.  This week was the equivalent of planning to go on the roller coaster ride.  Next Tuesday, we'll step up to the ride car, sit down, and fasten our collective seat belts.  And then, the semester will take off, and there will be no stopping it.  We will grind gears slowly uphill as we prepare materials for class, hold day-after-day of student writing conferences, and critique stacks of papers.  In between there will be lively classroom interactions, triumphant student "ah-ha" moments, and nimble-minded oral arguments that seem to just flash past.  Four months from now, on a warm day in the middle of May, we'll be handing in final course grades, sitting back, and contemplating the ups and downs of the ride.

Here's hoping all LRW professors have a great semester!


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