Friday, December 31, 2010

lots of promotion news!

We would be remiss if we allowed the old year to slip away without posting the excellent news of additional promotions of legal writing professors.  So, hearty congratulations to:

Sue Chesler, at Arizona State, who received a unanimous vote from the law faculty for tenure and promotion.

Kathy Stanchi, at Temple, whose faculty voted to promote her to the rank of Professor of Law.

Kristen Murray, also at Temple, who received a faculty vote for promotion to a long-term, presumptively renewable contract.

Sue Painter-Thorne and Karen Sneddon, at Mercer, both whom received votes of approval for tenure from their faculty.

Aida Alaka and Jeff Jackson, both at Washburn and both nominated for tenure and promotion to the rank of Professor of Law.  

Heather Baum and Theresa Clark, at Villanova, where the law faculty voted to promote them to the rank of Associate Professor of Legal Writing, a rank that comes with a three-year contract.

Michael Cedrone, at Georgetown, where the law faculty has also voted to award him a three-year contract, after which he'll be eligible for a renewable seven-year contract.

Iselin Gambert and Karen Thornton, at George Washington, appointed to the full-time faculty as Associate Professors of Legal Writing.

A happy New Year indeed!


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Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in posting about these developments. It is great to be part of such a supportive community.

Posted by: Michael Cedrone | Jan 4, 2011 6:42:46 PM

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