Monday, October 18, 2010

procrastination explored

Our writing specialist just shared with me a New Yorker review (October 11, 1020, "Later:  What does procrastination tell us about ourselves? by James Surowiecki) of a new book on procrastination, "The Thief of Time," edited by Chrisoula Andreou and Mark D. White (Oxford, $65).  Some interesting notes from the review (there are many):

* Procrastination is a basic, but costly, human impulse.

* The time gained by putting off a project is rarely spent doing something more productive.  (Evidence the haiku tradition on our listserv.  :)  )

* People who procrastinate know better, but don't make themselves do better.

* Procrastination does not cause happiness.

I encourage you to, at the very least, read the review.  And don't procrastinate.


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