Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Legal Writing Professors at the SEALS Conference

SEALS Many legal writing professors attended and presented at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) Conference earlier this month. There were programs on moot court teams, on the status of legal writing professors, on how to use research assistants effectively.

Niedwiecki, Anthony S One of the panels for legal writing professors was on "Incorporating Bohl, Kate Doctrinal Interests Into Legal Research and Writing Classes."  Speakers included Professors Kate Bohl (Stetson University College of Law, pictured at left with glasses) and Anthony Niedwiecki (The John Marshall Law School--Chicago).  The moderator for the program was Catherine Cameron (Stetson University College of Law) (pictured at right).Cameron, Catherine 2

This panel addressed the question of how legal research and writing faculty should incorporate their doctrinal interests and scholarship into writing courses. This is a particularly timely issue in the LR&W area as more and more schools are moving research and writing faculty to tenure-track (or similar) positions on the faculty and, in turn, are including research and writing faculty more deeply in the broader scholarly community at their institutions.

The panelists spoke on how their non-LR&W scholarship aids in giving them ideas for drafting and assessing sample problems. They also explained how writing in a non-LR&W area allows them a  chance to expand their own rhetorical tools in a way that allows them to better teach those skills to students. They also discussed how having a chance to delve into a doctrinal topic allows them a variety in their academic interests that keeps them fresh in their LR&W teaching.


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In case it's helpful to others, awhile back I wrote an article on this topic: Many Birds, One Stone: Teaching the Law You Love, in Legal Writing Class, 53 Journal of Legal Education 284 (June 2003), available at


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