Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ralph Brill Has Been Teaching Legal Writing for 50 Years

Brill, Ralph Brill, Kimble & LeClercq This week Ralph Brill of the Chicago-Kent College of Law marked the 50th anniversary of teaching.  Ralph is one of the most important figures in the legal writing community.  He has played a critical role in enhancing the professionalism of teaching legal research and writing.  His contributions are profound and we are all tremendously grateful for his leadership, inspiration, friendship, and support. 

In the picture on the right, Ralph is pictured with Joe Kimble and Terri LeClercq.  Terri was the first distinguished visitor at Chicago-Kent in connection with that school's first chair, which was named for Professor Ralph Brill.  Click here to read more about that honor.

In a message to the Legal Writing Listserve, Ralph shared the following thought:

As I repeatedly have pointed out, there are no better people than the members of this field – always willing to help one another, always thinking of better ways to teach and to help their students learn.  It has been a joy to be one of you for this long.  You all are the heart and soul of the legal education of law students today.

Congratulations to Ralph (and to his lucky students and colleagues).  The legal writing world is much richer because of your contributions to the field.

Hat tip to J. Lyn Entrikin Goering



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