Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Common Law by O.W. Holmes . . . Updated and Digital!

Childress, Alan A classic book on the reading list of many students entering law school in the fall is the classic by O.W. Holmes, The Common Law
Well, maybe that last sentence isn't so true anymore. The book has fallen off of many people's read-before-law-school lists because, says Professor Alan Childress of Tulane, he writes "in an obscure and sometimes inverted way."
So Professor Childress has done us all a great service by trying to decode some of that writing, and also updating some of the archaic language and translating obscure Greek and Latin phrases.  So It is now digital and you can learn more about it by clicking here (to visit Amazon) or by clicking here to read more about it on the Legal Profession Blog.
He's also offered to send a pdf of it if anyone wants to review it, in case you're still looking for a summer project.

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