Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Legal writing specialist appeals dismissal of complaint alleging discrimination

It seems that there have been a number of recent lawsuits involving legal writing profs (several of which we've reported here over the last 12 months).  Is that truly the case or is it just my perception because it's what I do for a living?  And if it is true, what's going on?  Are legal writing profs more adversely affected by the economy or is it something else?

Following up on a story we blogged about in April (and thanks to some helpful readers we corrected facts wrongly reported elsewhere), about a University of Iowa College of Law writing specialist who sued after she was denied a job as a legal writing prof based on her allegedly conservative political beliefs, she has now appealed the dismissal of her complaint to the Eighth Circuit.  As reported by the TaxProf Blog:

The National Association of Scholars has posted a number of documents in the case in “They So Despise Her Politics” -- Do Conservative Faculty Candidates Get a Fair Shake?:

If you have time to look at just one document, we recommend the first one, which is a half-page internal memorandum from the law school’s associate dean, Jon Carlson. Carlson expresses his puzzlement at the Faculty’s unwillingness to hire Wagner, even for a lesser position, and worries that this might have something to do with her political views: 

Frankly, one thing that worries me is that some people may be opposed to Teresa serving in any role in part, at least, because they so despise her politics (and, especially, her activism about it).  I hate to think that is the case, and I don’t actually think it is, but I’m worried that I may be missing something.

That’s as close to a smoking gun as one is likely to find in the academic world.

You can read our original coverage hereand the update via the TaxProf Blog here.

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