Monday, June 21, 2010

Got an idea for an AALS professional development workshop?

Top_logoThe AALS Committee on Professional Development has extended the deadline to July 16, 2010 to submit a proposal for a day-long professional development program for the January 2012 Annual Meeting or a two-day program for the June 2012 Mid-Year Meeting.  
Some past workshops have included:
1) subject matter programs aimed at law faculty who teach particular subjects,
2) programs for law professors with similar interests other than course subject matter, 
3) programs that cut across subject matter lines or integrate traditional subjects,
4) programs that focus upon a type of skill or discipline,
5) programs dealing with matters of law school administration or legal education generally, and
6) programs exploring the ramifications of significant developments in or affecting the law.
AALS asks that proposals be as specific as possible, including a description of the areas or topics that might be covered and an explanation of why it would be important and timely to undertake such a program in 2012.  It encourages recommendations of women, minorities, those with differing viewpoints, and new teachers as speakers.  So surely there's a place for legal writing professors.

The workshops are administered through the AALS sections, so it's a good idea to run your idea past the Chair of the section most relevant to your workshop idea.  Most section chairs will welcome ideas and participation.  Proposing a workshop and agreeing to do the work to put it together may make you a section program committee chair.  Proposals should be submitted by e-mail to For questions, contact AALS Managing Director Jane La Barbera at

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