Monday, June 14, 2010

a legal writing wardrobe

ImagesCAR9YVIE  While touring MIT today with offspring, I realized I was wearing my official souvenir polo shirt from the last Legal Writing Institute bi-ennial conference, held in Indianapolis in 2008.  On a college campus that is decidedly oriented towards numbers, not words, I got some quizzical looks as passersby read the logo.

After teaching legal writing for 20 years, I have a nice little wardrobe of legal writing garments, and I know from talking to other long-time colleagues that I am not alone.  The nice thing about souvenir clothing from legal writing conferences is that it comes in both men's and women's sizes, a benefit of being in a field that is 75% female, and so it actually fits those of us who are female.  Since the dress code is casual at legal writing conferences, I'm thinking I can get through the whole Marco Island event wearing souvenir ALWD and LWI polos and tee shirts and fleeces. (I could also carry a different canvas bag each day I'm there, from my large collection of souvenir bags from regional legal writing conferences, but I think I'll stick with using those at the farmers market on Saturday morning.)

And all this leaves me wondering, what sartorial addition will I receive when I check into the 2010 LWI conference in a couple of weeks?  Stay tuned.


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