Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tell your students to eat before oral argument so they don't faint

That's what happened to this 3L Duke law student who was arguing a habeas case before the 4th Circuit as part of Duke's Appellate Litigation Clinic - he fainted as a result of failing to eat a hearty breakfast.  After he recovered, however, he delivered one of the best oral arguments those present had ever heardAbove the Law reports that the student was still answering a question from the Court as he lost consciousness after falling to the floor.  Wow! Irving Younger would be proud!

The lesson for those prepping for oral argument (both students and practitioners)?  A bagel and water beforehand won't cut it.  Eat protein and try to relax:

[The student, Stephen] Rawson says he tends to faint when his blood sugar drops during a period of high adrenaline. “It’s happened a number of times before,” he said. “I knew I was supposed to eat protein for breakfast, but the hot breakfast at the hotel was highly unappealing, and I was nervous, so I just had a bagel and some water. Clearly, that wasn't sufficient.”

You can read more about the story from the Duke Law News here, Above the Law here and the online ABA Journal here.

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