Wednesday, April 28, 2010

legal writing professors on ABA site teams

The office of the ABA Consultant on Legal Education recently mailed out its annual report for academic year 2008-2009.  Among the items reported were listings of the site teams who visited law schools on fact finding missions as part of the normal re-accreditation process for those schools.  Each site team typically includes a clinic or legal writing professor, who will be sensitive to the information needed for properly evaluating the skills instruction in the law school being reviewed.  The following professors who currently teach legal writing served as site team members in 2008-2009:

Ken Chestek
Lou Sirico
Suzanne Rowe
Grace Tonner
Craig Smith
Linda Edwards
Pam Lysaght
Maria Crist
Arnie Siegel
Eric Easton

Being a site team member requires contributing about two weeks worth of work to the process.  Thank you to these legal writing professors for doing this important work on behalf of the profession.


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