Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is the fax machine dead?

Do our students even know what a fax machine is?  According to this article from the LegalBlogWatch, while it may be time to pull-the-plug (literally) on fax machines, faxing itself isn't dead, "just different." 

[H]as the fax become a relic of the 1980s, like "big hair, Cabbage Patch Kids, and padded shoulders?" (Or, more specific to law offices, like law review subscriptions, typewriters, bike messengers and law libraries?) In a guest post on the Legal Technology Blog, Steve Adams of Protus says that faxing remains a vital part of the business world despite the advent of e-mail. Adams notes that faxing is still used on a daily basis in many professions: by real estate agents and insurance brokers, for example. The key change in the use of faxes, he says, is that an actual fax machine is fading away as a means of sending and receiving faxes, in favor of Internet fax services.

And what, exactly, is internet faxing?  You'll have to click here to find out (and learn how much better it is than the clunky machines).

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