Thursday, March 4, 2010

The National Law Review Law Student Writing Competition

A publication called "The National Law Review" (is that a major typo I spy on the homepage?) which, according to its website, "consolidates practice-oriented legal analysis from a variety of sources for easy access by lawyers, paralegals, law students, business executives, insurance professionals, accountants, compliance officers, human resource managers, and other professionals who wish to better understand specific legal issues relevant to their work" is sponsoring a student writing competition.  You can get the full details on the competition webpage, here, but the salient points are as follows:

The NLR Law Student Writing Competition offers law students the opportunity to submit articles for publication consideration on the NLR Web site.  No entry fee is required. Applicants can submit an unlimited number of entries each month

Content Guidelines must be followed by all entrants to qualify. It is recommended that articles address the following monthly topic areas:

  • April 2010 Feature: Health Care and Labor Law (Submission deadline: March 25, 2010)
  • May 2010 Feature: Tax Law (Submission deadline: April  23, 2010)
  • June 2010 Feature: Banking & Financial Law(Submission deadline: May 24, 2010)

Articles covering current issues related to other areas of the law may also be submitted. Entries must be submitted via email to your law school’s NLR Marketing Coordinator by 5:00 pm Central Standard Time on the dates indicated above.

Articles will be judged by NLR staff members on the basis of readability, clarity, organization, and timeliness. Tone should be authoritative, but not overly formal. Ideally, articles should be straightforward and practical, containing useful information of potential interest to legal and business professionals.

The editors of this blog do not endorse this competition, we are merely passing along the information.

I am the scholarship dude.


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Thanks for bringing the typo to our attention - we'll get it fixed. It's amazing the quality of work we do at 1 in the morning.

Thanks for promoting our writing competition too. Hopefully the students can spell better than we can !


Posted by: Jennifer Schaller | Mar 5, 2010 10:08:05 AM

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