Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 10 best Academy Award related lawsuits

It's timely, fun and there may be some good writing hypos lurking in some of these.  Courtesy of by way of Above the Law:

  1. Disney sues the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, alleging that the infamous Rob Lowe-Snow White duet at the 1989 Oscars was unflattering to the beloved character and lacked permission.
  2. The Academy sues a chocolatier in North Hollywood who made chocolate Oscar figurines of a former Sony Pictures president.
  3. "Crash" producer Bob Yari sues the Academy after being denied an official producer's credit on the Oscar ballot, making him ineligible to receive a statue.
  4. The Academy sues the operator of "Oscarwatch," alleging that a website that predicts the winners violates its trademark.
  5. The Academy sues the "Hackademy Awards," an annual event going on for more than a decade that highlights how tobacco use in movies influences young people. The Academy also sues an Italian TV station trying to broadcast "The Wine Oscars," "TV Oscars," "Fashion Oscars" and "Theater  Oscars."
  6. Producers of "A Place in the World" sue the Academy after disqualifying the film for consideration in the foreign-language film category because it was presented as being from Uruguay when it was found to be a product of Argentina.
  7. The Academy sues the heirs of Mary Pickford for selling her 1930 Oscar for best actress, claiming it should have first chance to buy the Oscar for $10.
  8. A comedian sues the Academy after being arrested for allegedly trying to crash the Oscars.
  9. The Academy sues a company trying to market a travel package that includes four tickets to the Oscars and a hotel stay in Los Angeles.
  10. The Academy sues a man claiming he was a three-time "Oscar winner" in sound design, who had paid a jeweler to create a fake Academy Award statue. 

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