Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not be outdone, Lexis announces partnership with Microsoft to change the way you do legal research

Lexis just raised the ante in the commercial legal research wars by responding to yesterday's roll-out of WestlawNext (see below) with an announcement of its own:  It's partnering with Microsoft in a venture that will change the way you do legal research according to a company spokesman.  As reported by the online ABA Journal:

Lexis will now be integrated into Microsoft Office products, allowing users to do legal and general research directly while working in Microsoft Word, Outlook and SharePoint. Users, who must have a Lexis subscription, need only click on a Lexis tab in the ribbon of utilities available in Microsoft Office 2007 and the forthcoming 2010 version to start researching, Shepardizing cases or even gathering information from Bing or Google search engines. There is no need to navigate separately to the Web and log on to Lexis or a search engine.

"If you think about where our customers spend their time, it's either in e-mails or in Word creating or reviewing documents," says Clemens Ceipek, vice president of New Lexis. "That is exactly what we are doing. As a lawyer you no longer need to go to a separate, dedicated site to get the information."

Our good buddies at Above the Law have placed a man in the field to cover this story as it unfolds at the LegalTech show in New York City which began yesterday.  More information here at law.com.  As usual, we'll keep you apprised of any future developments as they come into the Legal Writing Prof nerve center.

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