Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A sneak peak at the new Lexis-Microsoft legal research platform

Following up on our post yesterday about the forthcoming Lexis-Microsoft legal research partnership announced at the LegalTech conference in NYC, we've got a sneak peak courtesy of the Martindale-Hubbell Blog:

Lawyers live in Outlook.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it is the truth, (we also frequent Word, Excel, and Power Point).  Between all these programs there is search.  So at the most basic level, lawyers (1) get a communication, (2) identify action steps, (3) research for context on how to proceed, and then (4) compose a response.  This process can take hours and often involves using new associates to research and create the response for a partner who has bigger fish to fry.  Lexis for Microsoft Office takes the four steps above and creates 1-experience.  Let’s take a sneak peek at the Outlook integration.

Outlook Use Case: the partner at a law firm gets an email about a pending litigation involving a major corporate client in a case about defective tires.  He has a few choices at this point: (1) drop everything and start looking into the case, (2) delegate the task to an associate, or (3) click “Background” in Lexis for Microsoft Office.  Choosing option “3″ will highlight terms in the email that relate to the case and opens up a side panel with research results including documents from the Lexis system, firm articles, and web results, all in context.

Read the rest, along with a screen capture, here.  Also, more coverage and an official press release here at the Law Librarian Blog.

A big hat tip to Law Librarian Blog guru Joe Hodnicki.

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