Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the wedding story posted below reminds me . . .

When I read my co-editor's post about the student who got married and then went to class, I was reminded of one of my favorite Texas Tech stories:

A few years ago, we had two graduating 3-L's who planned on marrying the next December, until he learned that he would be called up for military service before that.  Her family was flying in, some from England, for graduation.  So a few days before graduation, they came into the deans' suite and asked about their idea to get married the afternoon of graduation and then march a couple of hours later.  Might we help?

Yes indeed!!  So we had Professor Vaughn James, an ordained minister, officiate.  We had an associate dean, Kay Fletcher, play the organ.  The ceremony was held in the chapel at Dean Walt Huffman's church.  Our fabulous unit managers and support staff arranged for flowers, cake, etc.  The wedding went off without a hitch.

And everyone applauded them a few hours later as they marched across the stage.

As I said, one of my favorite stories from Tech--and one typical of our community here.



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