Friday, January 15, 2010

The Law and Harry Potter

1972 Carolina Academic Press has published a new book on The Law and Harry Potter, with over 20 chapters by law professors on various aspects of the law in the popular book series.  At least three legal writing professors contributed chapters, including Mary Beth Beazley (Ohio State), Ruth Anne Robbins (Rutgers-Camden), and Sue Liemer (Southern Illinois), as did former legal writing professor, now dean, Darby Dickerson (Stetson).  There's a lot for lawyers and law professors who liked the Harry Potter series to enjoy in this new book.


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And the people who figure Rowling with the probable help of others rifled the work of other writers for 'her' series, will they enjoy it too? Or are lawyers in the end just as gullible as anybody else? I suspect many penned their thought while completely discounting the case yet to be heard against her in February 2013 when it is more than likely evidence will be submitted that will dumbfound us all....lawyers included. Especially lawyers. Of the lawyers listed who contributed I note that three are women and one a man. Not having read the book I would assume it is unbiased towards the woman Rowling.

Posted by: Jim Watts | Mar 29, 2011 12:39:32 AM

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