Friday, January 22, 2010

Legal Writing Prof Blog wins most improved player award redux

Although we posted this story back in October, blogmaster Paul Caron has published the official rankings on the TaxProf Blog so we think that gives us another excuse to toot our own horn (again):

Here are the largest percentage increases (page views and visitors) among the Top 35 blogs from 2008:


Page Views




Legal Writing Prof Blog


Legal Writing Prof Blog



Antitrust & Competition





Legal History Blog


Antitrust & Competition





Legal History Blog



Leiter Reports: Philosophy


Leiter Reports: Philosophy





Mirror of Justice



Mirror of Justice





Religion Clause


Opinio Juris



Opinio Juris


Religion Clause



Legal Profession Blog


Jack Bog's Blog


In absolute terms, the Top 32 blogs with 2-year track records increased their traffic by 18.7% (page views) and 22.0% (visitors).  The mean changes were +4.3% (page views) and +4.4% (visitors); the median changes were +3.9% (page views) and +4.4% (visitors).

  • These Law Prof Blog Rankings are drawn from Dan Solove's Law Professor Blogger Census, as updated by Colin Miller' Legal Educator Blog Census.  They include all blogs edited by law professors -- both law-related and non law-related.
  • Please email me the names of any Law Prof Blogs with traffic over the past twelve months that would qualify for inclusion on the lists (195,112 page views and/or 124,998 visitors).  If necessary, I will re-publish the list to include all qualifying blogs.
  • Several popular Law Prof Blogs do not have publicly available SiteMeters and thus are not included on the list:  e.g., BlackProf, California Appellate Report, Credit Slips, The Deal Professor, Dorf on Law, Feminist Law Professors, Legal Theory, Point of Law, 
  • These rankings cover only those blogs edited by law professors.  Other law-related blogs edited by practitioners, librarians, non-law school academics, and journalists are not included on this list:  e.g., Above the Law, How Appealing, Law Librarian Blog, Wall Street Journal Law Blog.
  • Members of our Law Professor Blogs Network comprise, by page views, two of the Top 10, four of the Top 20, and ten of the Top 35 blogs; and by visitors, one of the Top 10, four of the Top 20, and ten of the Top 35 blogs.
  • Members of our Law Professor Blogs Network comprise three of the ten fastest growing Law Prof Blog by page views, and two of the of the ten fastest growing Law Prof Blog by visitors (including Legal Writing Prof Blog, the fasted growing blog by both page views and visitors).

You can read the rankings based on total visits and page views here (the Legal Writing Prof Blog is among the top 30 for each).  A special thanks to our loyal readers who have helped make us a success.

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