Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exciting news, courtesy of Sarah Ricks:

"Followers of the Supreme Court rely on SCOTUS blog to keep current on the business of the Supreme Court - what cert petitions the Court is considering in conference, what arguments the Court will hear or has heard - and rely on the blog's helpful links to briefs, opinions, dockets, etc.

"The most recent blogger to join the SCOTUS team (the original bloggers are the appellate practice group from Akin Gump) is Lisa McElroy, who will be translating the Court's proceedings into 'plain English.' Lisa teaches a class on the Supreme Court and annually brings her class to hear Supreme Court arguments. (She's also written several biographies of Supreme Court Justices for children - most recently of Justice Sotomayor). Here's Lisa's first posting:"

Lisa is a veteran legal writing professor, too!


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