Tuesday, November 10, 2009

add an E to your IRAC

 AQKCAIST6DCCA7KJ216CAQDSI94CA6JK3YVCA7MLMA8CAIC770BCA7DD3DUCA0XAU54CAU731IBCARN1YY9CAR88PMDCAUGL4DICAZVH3RGCAG1KO2JCAPID333CATE8LV6CA2R2PDLCA7M5PHMCA6JS0PG   "Whether you're answering exam questions or arguing on your client's behalf, explaining the rule of law can help get your point across to your professor or the judge."  Thus says our blog co-author Mark Wojcik in his practical article on how to Add an E to Your IRAC.  Law students who are still learning how to craft strong written legal analysis and lawyers who could use a refresher to make sure their prose is as powerful as possible could all benefit from this quick read.



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