Friday, October 16, 2009

Scholarship alert: "Law firm legal research requirements for new attorneys"

We haven't had an S.A. in a while so let's break the silence with this article from Patrick Meyer an Associate Library Director and Adjunct Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.  Law Firm Legal Research Requirements for New Attorneys can be found at 101 Law Lib. J. 297 (2009).  From the abstract:

Mr. Meyer conducted a survey of law firm librarians in 2007 that identified the most important research tasks in the law firm setting and the proper format or formats in which those tasks should be performed. In addition to analyzing the results of that survey, he considers previous studies and surveys and concludes with some recommendations for the content of law school research courses.

The article is available on Lexis, Westlaw and Hein Online.

I am the scholarship dude.


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