Thursday, October 15, 2009

a gold mine for teaching legal drafting and transactional skills

Sign_contract Have you started thinking about next spring's courses? Is your school looking for ideas for incorporating more skills education into the legal education curriculum? Whether you teach (or want to teach) an entire course on drafting, or teach drafting in connection with a clinical or doctrinal course, or whether your basic legal writing curriculum includes some drafting components, you need to get your hands on a special issue of Transactions, the Tennessee Journal of Business, Teaching Drafting and Transactional Skills: The Basics and Beyond, 2009 Transactions 1 (click preceding link to download the entire issue). The issue represents proceedings of the May 2008 conference hosted by Emory
University School of Law's Center for Transactional Law and Practice, “Teaching Drafting and Transactional Skills—The Basics and Beyond.”
Devoted in its entirety to the teaching of drafting and transactional skills, the issue features the following presentations by experts in the field. There is something here for everybody.
  • George W. Kuney, Introduction to the Special Report, 2009 Transactions 1.
  • Tina L. Stark, Conference Introduction: My Fantasy Curriculum & Other Almost Random Thoughts, 2009 Transactions 3. 
  • Robert C. Illig, Therese H. Maynard, Cherie O. Taylor & Irene Kosturakis, Teaching Transactional Skills through Simulations in Upper-Level Courses: Three Exemplars, 2009 Transactions 15.
  • Wayne Schiess, Craig Smith, Pamela Wilkins, Danton Berube & Irene Segal Ayers, Teaching Transactional Skills in First-Year Writing Courses, 2009 Transactions 53.
  • Anthony J. Luppino, George W. Kuney & Jamison Wilcox, Pedagogic Techniques: Multi-Disciplinary Courses, Annotated Document Review, Collaborative Work & Large Groups, 2009 Transactions 73.
  • Praveen Kosuri, Daniel Jaffe, Jeff Leslie & James F. Hogg, You Too Can Create a Simulation Exercise (or Even a Course), 2009 Transactions 101.
  • Travis Dale Jones, Rosemary Dillon, Lisa Penland & Sue Payne, How to Create Contract Drafting Exercises, 2009 Transactions 127.
  • Tina L. Stark & George W. Kuney, Transactional Skills Training: Contract Drafting--the Basics, 2009 Transactions 139.
  • Phillip Knott, Thinking Like a Lawyer: An English Interpretation, 2009 Transactions 179. 
  • Tracy L. McGaugh, Pedagogic Techniques: Using Collaborative Writing Technology to Teach Contract Drafting, 2009 Transactions 189. 
  • Serge Martinez & Robert Statchen, Teaching Transactional Skills in a Clinic, 2009 Transactions 203.
  • Susan M. Chesler, Karen Sneddon, Elizabeth August & Mark Need, Teaching Multiple Skills in Drafting & Simulation Courses, 2009 Transactions 221.
  • Scott J. Burnham, Larry A. DiMatteo, Kenneth A. Adams & J. Lyn Entrikin Goering, Transactional Skills Training: Contract Drafting--Beyond the Basics, 2009 Transactions 253.
  • Robin A. Boyle, David Epstein & Sue Payne, How to Critique & Grade Contract Drafting Assignments, 2009 Transactions 297.
  • Christina L. Kunz, Debra Pogrund Stark, Richard K. Neumann, Jr. & Cynthia M. Adams, Incorporating Transactional Skills Training into First-Year Doctrinal Courses, 2009 Transactions 331.
  • Douglas Godfrey, Charles Fox & Edward C. Harris, Transactional Skills Training: All about Due Diligence, 2009 Transactions 357.
  • Rachel Arnow-Richman, Lisa Bliss, Sylvia B. Caley & Michael A. Woronoff, Teaching Transactional Skills in Upper-Level Doctrinal Courses: Three Exemplars, 2009 Transactions 367.
  • Leslie Larkin Cooney, Judith Karp, Maggie Finnerty & Howard E. Katz, More Pedagogic Techniques: Online Exercises & Integrating Skills into Different Kinds of Courses, 2009 Transactions 389.
  • Charles R. Beaudrot, Jr., Transactional Skills Training: Opinion Letters, 2009 Transactions 405.


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