Sunday, August 2, 2009

Updates on the Situation at DePaul

The Law Library Blog has an important update on the situation at DePaul University College of Law and the outrageous failure of the ABA to address the firing of the law school dean in its accreditation report.  Click here to read the blog post.  

Warren Wolfson, the Illinois Appellate Court Justice appointed without any faculty input to be the new dean at DePaul, did not appear yesterday at the Scribes Luncheon.  He was supposed to have been the featured speaker, but instead of going to the legal writing lunch he chose to attend an ABA program and lunch for law school deans.  Based on an interview he gave to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, it seems he is still largely oblivious to the opposition and problems he will face from law school faculty and students when he shows up for work at DePaul.  I spoke yesterday with some DePaul law students who were upset that the announcement of Dean Weissenberger's firing came only after it was too late for them to transfer to another law school.  There was also discussion about new law students who were planning on starting this fall at DePaul.  Will they decide to go to another law school, given that DePaul's current rankings (which have DePaul in the second tier of law schools as a result of Dean Weissenberger's capable leadership) are in serious danger because Dean Weissenberger was fired?

It continues to be an extremely sad situation for students and faculty at DePaul and for the basic principles upon which legal education should be founded.  As described in further detail on the Law Library Blog and in an update on Brian Leiter's blog, the ABA seems to have shirked its responsibility here.    (mew)

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