Friday, August 28, 2009

thriving in law school

98ECAF4M79CCA0G95YICA3STFT5CAILJ5DXCAWOQ1Q0CASLX026CAKGSOK6CAXHGWB5CA1SB1HLCAZELX9FCA15B6ZRCACY140DCASPU92OCAHT7QB6CAD375PHCAUOLWLTCAJ1MKQLCA7T0353CAJ94S1A  Professor Susannah Pollvogt has started a blog about Thriving in Law School, i.e., succeeding academically while maintaining some balance in life.  Check it out (scroll down to the cartoons), leave a comment, and then send your students there.


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Thanks very much for the link, and for encouraging folks to comment. The blog is a great place for me to explore my thoughts, but I am even more interested to hear the thoughts, comments and experiences of others. While I started the blog primarily to serve my community at DU Sturm College of Law, I know that insights from other law students, law professors, lawyers and legal professionals will be so valuable to our conversation about these important issues.

Thank you again.


Susannah Pollvogt

Posted by: Susannah Pollvogt | Aug 28, 2009 6:45:31 PM

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