Tuesday, August 11, 2009

finding scholarships via Twitter

NE4CA51HM7VCAT6MFBACANP4PRVCAC3ICGYCATUQG3OCA4AU9BBCA4535S8CAF4R7J2CA43FM5YCAKRBLVMCA8IZ8QRCAICN7N9CABJ0KUVCA1DWZXNCA47IYF4CA1ZFSI1CAO01ZONCAU7DUPNCAX12DRT Law students may be able to find more leads for financial assistance via a listing of 50 Tips and Tools to Find Scholarships on Twitter.  Law professors who don't Twitter can learn a lot about the many things one can do via Twitter just by skimming the list -- and also learn just that much more about the e-world our students inhabit.

hat tip:  Amber Johnson            (spl)



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