Tuesday, July 28, 2009

volume 6 of J. ALWD is here!

This news comes from Editor Linda Berger:

The Fall 2009 issue of J. ALWD (Vol. 6) is now available on the J. ALWD websiteThe  issue focuses on "best practices" in persuasion and includes general articles as well.  The print version will be distributed by mail to about 3,500 lawyers, judges, academics, law school deans, and law school libraries, and is scheduled to arrive around Labor Day.

    Got Issues? An Empirical Study about Framing Them
    Judith D. Fischer

    The Power of Brevity: Adopt Abraham Lincoln’s Habits
    Julie A. Oseid

    The Poetry of Persuasion:  Early Literary Theory and Its Advice to Legal Writers
    Stephen E. Smith

    Persuasion: An Annotated Bibliography
    Kathryn Stanchi

    The Narrative Construction of Legal Reality
    Richard K. Sherwin

    Characterization and Legal Discourse
    Laura E. Little

General Articles
    Legal Writing and Disciplinary Knowledge-Building:  A Comparative Study
    Douglas M. Coulson

    “The Play of Those Who Have Not Yet Heard of Games”:  Creativity, Compliance, and the “Good Enough” Law Teacher
    Mary R. Falk                            


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