Friday, July 31, 2009

Typos cost money - a lot of it

Here's a list of recent examples of typos in legal documents that not only put the lawyers involved in hot water, but may also cost the client a lot of money.

1.  Incorrect date in real estate document could cost developers millions and NYC law firm might be on the hook according to this New York Times article.
2.  The case of the misplaced comma that may cost a client $1 million (since it's Canadian dollars, perhaps the offending law firm can convince the client it's not such a big deal after all).
3.  "Pubic" rather than "public," may cost county $40k - ouch!
4.  Second and Third Circuits make the same doggone mistake!
5.  Student newspaper editor screws up to the tune of 20,000 copies.
6.  The biggest blunder so far?  The $57 million typo.

Thanks to Above the Law and me.  I am the scholarship dude.  (jbl)

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Excellent post Scholarship Dude!
And for catching errors like 'pubic' versus 'public', you might want to try PerfectIt. We designed it to find embarassing typos like that... and I'll leave it to you to guess the common misspellings of words like 'assets', 'shift' and 'manage' which it also finds! You can find all the details for PerfectIt at

Posted by: iEditor | Aug 1, 2009 10:05:39 AM

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