Friday, July 17, 2009

the ALWD conference plenary

SuniThe ALWD conference started in earnest this morning with a warm greeting from UMKC School of Law dean, Ellen Suni, who once upon a time was a legal writing program director.  Her comments were right on the mark, and she definitely had cred with this group. 

In the plenary session that followed, four legal writing program directors, with different amounts of years of experience, gave Tales of Development in LRW Told by Pioneers and Newcomers Kirsten Davis spoke about creating criteria for tenure that honors what LRW professors actually do.  Lisa Eichhorn explained her school's felicitous transition from an adjunct taught program to one taught by full-time legal writing faculty.  Suzanne Rowe, a model of patience, described the great progress her program has made over a decade, by moving "poco a poco."  And Marilyn Water spoke about the importance of having an English Ph.D. writing specialist participate in her program as it progressed.  They definitely primed the pump for the break out sessions that followed!


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